The Diet Starts Monday…

  (Ass and Side Boob?  I’m not even sorry it’s not related…) The excuses we all make, and why they’re completely F&#king up your progress. Human beings are tricky….. We have this incredible gift for telling ourselves what we want … Continue reading

Supplements and Your Hard Earned Dollar

It went like this: I was writing an article about new supplements on the market and why they might be worth a shot when I realized, that sort of subject matter is most of what I’ve been writing. Now, there … Continue reading

Death by Kettlebell 2.0

Awhile ago I wrote an article about kettlebell training, since then I’ve spent hundreds of hours using them as part of my own training and with clients of every type imaginable.  It’s not the only thing you’ll ever need in … Continue reading

The Darkside Bulkers

(Note: There will be ZERO discussion about sources!) This article is about what sort of chemical intervention you can use to get huge. At the same time, I would like to stress that it will be solely your responsibility if … Continue reading

Everything you need to know about steroids.

(Note:  Picture not related?  Get over it!  You try scouring through hundreds of pictures of half naked muscular men looking for something even half related…) Steroids and weightlifting are inexorably bound. It is likely that when you see someone who … Continue reading

Getting Jack3d (Review)

              My apologies for the pun. It was just too easy. It seems like there is always some new piece of exercise equipment or supplement being put out there. Something that promises to be … Continue reading

The Proper Way to Crash Diet

Crash dieting is polarizing–you either love it or you hate it. I want to make it clear that we’re not going to have that discussion here. I’m assuming if you’re reading this that you are at least vaguely interested in … Continue reading

Designer Stimulants II

  (A different type of Stimulant…) Well, I personally thought designer stimulants was a little off topic and wasn’t planning on writing another, but the interest in it made me reconsider. I present to you now some burgeoning chemicals on the … Continue reading

From Lab Coats to Lat Spreads: Volume II

(Side boob!) Macronutrient series Protein: Call your mom and ask for more. Protein is the stereotypical meat-head’s go-to macronutrient.  Anyone who recognizes you are bigger and stronger than average will almost always make a protein joke. “MA, I need more … Continue reading


Why must you lie to me? How many of you have followed a strict diet?  This can be a diet set with a goal of bulking or cutting.  How many of you have spent several days, weeks, or months painfully … Continue reading

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