Cutting Edge II

Welcome back. In this week’s article we’ll need less back story so we should be free to just jump right in to the good stuff.

Tribulus Alatus– This product is reminiscent of Fadogia and Bulbine, it has one really promising rat study behind it and some polarizing real world feedback. Tribulus alatus is not tribulus terrestris. These are not the same plant as they have different active chemicals in them. Tribulus terrestris is dirt cheap and will boost your sex drive considerably (not a bad thing) but it will not boost testosterone as evidenced by multiple studies.

Tribulus alatus on the other hand is expensive, exclusive, and supposed to jack your test through the roof. When reading the real world feedback, it seems that most of the people that have extremely negative reviews with tribulus alatus are simply too young to be using test boosters. It seems that for most men above age 25, it’s everything they want it to be. So obviously it’s worth bringing up. The herb in its proper extraction is only available currently in a product called T-bol from Thermolife. Those of you who have some extra cash to spare (not cheap) may want to give it a shot.

Rubus Coreanus- So up until this point, I’ve been giving you test boosting herbs you’ve never heard of with one study to back them up and telling you to get at it. And you have, because you respect me, and I appreciate that. So, in return for your blind allegiance I’m going to give you a warning. Rubus Coreanus is a berry that grows mainly in Korea. An extract of it boosted testosterone in mice over 7 times. This seems at least as promising as the other studies, except for one thing; It caused no change in androgenic markers (seminal vessicles, bodyweight, prostate weight). So this either means:

A. Mice respond oddly to super high test (something  we know not to be true)

B. Something else mysterious (Likely that there is a molecule in the berry which looks sufficiently like testosterone for a test to give a false reading)

So when this comes out on the market in a month or you use Anabolic Halo (leave now), dont shell out big bucks for what is most likely a worthless test booster.

Pramlintide/Metrileptin- Reading about this about made me shit my pants. This drug combination has recently undergone a clinical trial in human subjects that shows a loss of as much as 24 lbs of bodyweight in 20 weeks. And what’s more, the slowing of fat loss that is always seen as a diet progresses was significantly diminished. This is really quite something when you consider that sibutramine, an FDA approved weight loss drug has only been shown to keep about 6 pounds off.

How do they do this? Well metrileptin is a synthetic analogue of leptin, a hormone which is essentially the master hormone as far as your metabolism goes. When leptin goes down (which it does with dieting and the like) your hunger goes up and your calories burnt go down. Pramlintide is a peptide hormone that is a synthetic analogue of Amylin. Amylin is a hormone which is co-secreted with insulin after eating and performs many of the same roles. In essence, they both attack obesity from novel pathways, and the results are looking like they’re going to be extraordinary.
These are not supplements, though you may be able to obtain them on a research chemical sight in the near future.

Dienolone- Here is something that many of you that loved the old “Tren Xtreme” prohormone will likely shit your pants over. For those of you who don’t know, tren was a product that produced pretty unrivaled gains in strength, hardness, and muscularity while actively reducing body fat. Most prohormone enthusiasts know the name Tren Xreme. Well, a few months back, the FDA decided it was a steroid, and now you can’t buy it anymore, it carries the same legal penalty as real trenbolone.

Well, Tren Xtreme was legitimately a prohormone, in that it converted into an active hormone in the body. The active hormone it converts to is dienolone, and through some nifty gray area magic, dienolone is pretty legal to buy and sell as a dietary supplement. This was originally posted in Patrick Arnold’s blog. He theorizes that in a transdermal system the compound will be more potent than the original tren, which is quite promising to many of you out there, I’m sure.

It is also very close to illegal, so you may never see this product on the market, and if you do it may only be for a very short time. If it appears, you will probably want to stock up.

Stay tuned.

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