Why must you lie to me?

How many of you have followed a strict diet?  This can be a diet set with a goal of bulking or cutting.  How many of you have spent several days, weeks, or months painfully following this plan?  You find yourself sitting there before your scale with excitement flooding your brain because you can’t wait to record the progress you’ve made since the last time you stepped on the scale.  After all, progress is important in our lifestyle.  Progress is what shows that all of our hard work is worth the effort.  You are certain you’ve made progress.  You are stronger and looking better than ever in the mirror.  Even your tape measurements have improved.  So what happens next?  You step on that scale anxiously waiting to see if you have lost or gained weight, and the SCALE LIES TO YOU!  Yes, that bastard of a scale must’ve been broken.  You step off the scale realizing that you not only failed to progress but you might have actually gone backwards in progress.  You stress out and get pissed.  You frantically walk around your home or gym and think about what could have caused this.  Ideas as absurd as the size of shit you took earlier affecting your weight.  Ideas such as, “Oh, it must be water weight,” flood your mind.  One can even go so far as to think about the weight of clothing or shoes affecting your weight.  In the end, all these factors will affect how much one weighs, but that’s not the point of this article.

In my mind people within our lifestyle can have or share two separate goals.  One either has the goal of looking better or getting stronger (performing better), oftentimes allowing the two to overlap.  I say looking “better” here because I realize that everybody doesn’t necessarily want to look bigger.  My point is that a scale cannot tell you if you look better.  The mirror, progress pictures, and others’ critique of your physique are the only things that will tell you if you look better.  One may argue that the mirror alone makes it hard to track progress.  I would have to agree.  This is where the tape measure and progress pictures come in.  If one is trying to bulk, seeing inches gained on the tape measure is far more important than seeing pounds rise on the scale.  The same argument can be said for those leaning out.  If you are losing inches off of your waist, while at the same time seeing definition improve in the mirror, then who cares what the scale is telling you?  After all, it’s not about how much lean muscle you are carrying…it’s about how much lean muscle you appear to be carrying.  The strength athlete is far simpler than the physique athlete in these terms.  Who really cares what the hell you weigh or look like…right?  All that the strength athlete should care about is numbers.  Did you beat your logbook?  If the answer is yes, then that’s all one needs.  The strength athlete will solely judge progress based on the question of, “Am I getting stronger?”  So if one is beating the logbook and looking better in the mirror, it doesn’t matter what the scale says.

This article is based solely on my opinion.  I’ve found that relying on the scale is a poor way to track progress compared to the tape measure, progress pictures, and the mirror.  I understand that there are times, around bodybuilding or powerlifting competitions where one will need to know how much they weigh to try and make a weight class.  This is not to track progress, but instead to be as competitive as possible in a desired weight class.  Aside from that I see little point in ever using the scale.  Fat people love to see pounds drop because it makes them feel better, but they still look like shit in the mirror.  I’d rather look good in the mirror and be oblivious to the scale.  I am planning on NOT using the scale ever again aside from competition use.  Until then I will rely mostly on my tape measure and mirror.  If I haven’t convinced you to toss that scale yet, I highly encourage you to at least add the tape measure into your methods of tracking progress.  Oh and of course use the mirror, you narcissistic meatheads.  I’m off to Do Epic Shit.  I encourage you to do the same.

Train Hard,

Dirty Gerdy


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2 Responses to DEAR SCALE…

  1. Skippy says:

    Good one Gerd. I wish I could count on my hands and feet the times I’ve blamed a scale weight on not pooping enough that day, lol. Unfortunately, I can’t. :/

    I like using scales over a long-period of times, months vs days/weeks, but I totally agree. The way you look (and how others see you) is absolutely #1.

  2. Rachel says:

    Everytime I get on that scale I just want to throw it through the window!!! It messes with your head to believe that you’ve made no progress when you don’t see the numbers go down! Goodbye scale, hello measuring tape.

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