Designer Stimulants II


(A different type of Stimulant…)

Well, I personally thought designer stimulants was a little off topic and wasn’t planning on writing another, but the interest in it made me reconsider. I present to you now some burgeoning chemicals on the market and a little background. Some of these drugs could help you push through workouts and be a more productive person, some will just get you high as shit. If you end up shopping for drug rehabs because of stimulant abuse, then you are solely responsible for it. But please remember, this article is purely for informative purposes, any risks you decide to take in obtaining/using the compounds rest squarely with you. Own up to it now.

Methiopropamine is a thienyl substituted analogue of methamphetamine. Here the ring structure has been modified, rather than substituted, as we see with most other amphetamine analogues. In fact, it is quite rare to see the benzene ring omitted and stimulant activity preserved.

Dose: 10-50mg

Effects: Clear headed working stimulant. Users report pretty desirable effects in a very cost effective dose range. This could be quite useful because it seems to produce a very limited euphoria, so for those of us with impulse control issues, this could be just the thing to make you super fucking productive without putting you under the freeway overpass.

Other: Keep the dose low, no point in chasing euphoria with a drug that is just not suited for it, many of the other chemicals on the list are more suited for the “party drug” roll. This drug seems to not be as effective when snorted, so I would stick to oral administration. Do not do huge doses as there are some crazy panic attack stories online from people that decided to go with 150 + mg

4-Fluoroamphetamine is simply amphetamine with a 4-fluoro group attached. This chemical has been shown in animal research to be a the most potent 4-halo substituted amphetamine, causing a large increase in Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Serotonin. The effects on serotonin were less than those of other substituted amphetamines but it was also found to be less neurotoxic than the other amphetamines assayed.

Dose: 40-200mg

Effects: Low doses produce more of a motivated and focused effect while higher doses are often likened to an equivalent dose of MDMA. I personally wouldn’t use it as an MDMA substitute because its not very cost effective at that point, and there are other, better suited MDMA subs which we will discuss shortly.

Other: The potency and purity of 4-FA vary more dramatically than with other RC’s for some reason. Some users report 40mg being a strong stimulant/ amphetamine replacement while others looking for more of an empathogenic, MDMA type experience report astoundingly high doses. With this in mind, I urge you to start at the low dose and move up from there. If your product is impure, you may not even feel 40mg very much, but it’s better than doing 100mg and finding out your product is super potent.

4-Fluoromethamphetamine is much like the previous chemical, it is a 4-fluorinate analogue of a scheduled substance. This little guy appears to be much more potent, the reports are a bit more mixed, but this is not so discouraging to me at least, as most of the people using this substance and reporting rather negative trips do so rather recklessly and in conjunction with many other chemicals.

Dose: 10-50mg

Effects: Much the same as 4-FA, though some users report it more clear headed and clean where 4-FA seems a bit more of a party drug. Apparently neither of these is very pleasant going up the old nostril. This could potentially be more cost effective and more productive than the other stims mentioned here.

Methylone is also known as beta keto MDMA, it is an analogue of ecstacy. There are a lot of ecstacy analogues which do a certain amount for replicating the magic of the original, some are more euphoric and some more empathogenic, methylone seems to be a real leader among the pack.

Dose: 100-250mg

Effects: A strong euphoria and sense of stimulation. This is definitely a party drug, as using it will make you want to dance, not study or workout. Shulgin, the grand daddy of all the cool drugs in the world said that it is not quite the same as its parent, but held a bit of promise.

Other: Since Methylone works heavily with dopamine and norepinephrine, and less so with serotonin, some users find they can’t recreate MDMA magic by using one of many serotonin releasing agents, which are available in the research market as well. This synergizes well with alcohol.

Mephedrone is the mac-daddy of Molly’s children. This chemical literally took over the UK. In Great Britain, this stuff was more available and widely used in the club scene than any other drug until it was banned. Now a bunch of English kids have to resort to knife crime because they can’t get their beloved mephedrone.

Dose: 150-250 mg

Effects: The magic is going to be hard to relate, as is anything which so fully interacts with one’s consciousness. Especially as I have not used it personally. But there must be a reason the entire UK was strung out on this stuff, it must be pretty damn good. Does that mean it’s safe? Would I recommend that you, the jacked dude reading about designer stimulants, use it? No, of course not. I would never do anything like that. But in the US it is still legal to purchase as “bath salts” and “plant fertilizer”.

So, that got a little off topic at the end, but I thought you guys might want to be exposed to all the other crazy, semi-legal drugs that are out there, if for nothing else then to broaden your horizons.  Please do be careful your endeavors and start low, as these drugs are almost entirely untested in humans and represent a risk.

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  1. SJ says:

    Very interesting as usual.

  2. Matt says:

    How come you didn’t review Ephedrine, Caffeine and Yohimbine HCL?

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