The Diet Starts Monday…


(Ass and Side Boob?  I’m not even sorry it’s not related…)

The excuses we all make, and why they’re completely F&#king up your progress.

Human beings are tricky…..

We have this incredible gift for telling ourselves what we want to hear.  We can rationalize the absolute dumbest stuff, things that we normally know aren’t any good for us, but if we want it bad enough….. well we can bullshit ourselves into it.

We gym rats definitely aren’t immune to this condition. Hell I would go as far as saying that for the middle of the pack guys, the ones who try hard, but don’t seem to make progress at the rate they should, well this might be their biggest problem.  They talk themselves out of the progress they should be making.  Case in point….

#1 “ I Blew my diet today, might as well just roll with it and start fresh on Monday”, even though its Tuesday….

I know I’ve fallen to the pitfalls of “starts Monday” before.  You screw up your plan halfway through the day, and you figure that since you fucked up, might as well just give in, and get right tomorrow, or at the start of next week.

Listen, in a perfect world, nobody would ever screw up and magically end up at the McDonalds drive thru at 11PM, shame eating four McChickens, four double cheeseburgers, and two apple pies, but it happens.

I’m not proud….

But that’s not important, what is important is that as soon as you’re done shoveling those two boxes of fruit snacks down your gullet, that you get your stuff together and get back on track.  Not tomorrow, not Monday, but as soon as it’s time to eat your next regular meal.

#2 “I don’t need to be worried about my diet or bodyfat, I’m a powerlifter,” he said as he asked for help tying his shoes.

Hell, most of the serious lifters I know never plan to step on stage, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a crap about your diet, and go do some conditioning from time to time.  And that diet consisting of mostly processed food, and no sign of vegetables, it isn’t doing your health any favors.

And honestly, if you’re of that opinion, then most likely you aren’t an actual powerlifter who has spent any time on the platform.  The top guys these days know the importance of condititioning, and the guys competing in the classes under super heavy weight walk in there looking pretty damn lean.  The big shots are very familiar with the prowler, one of the nastiest forms of conditioning work out there.

Prowler flu…. it’s a real thing.

#3 “I’ve been REALLY good on my diet this week, I should probably jumpstart my metabolism with a large meatlovers pizza.”

I’m not sure why it happened, but it the last few years people started doing massive cheats when dieting because they were under the opinion that they had slowed their metabolisms down by eating lower then usual calories for a few days or weeks.

While strategic cheats may be useful, NOBODY is changing their metabolism by spending a few days eating the number of calories that honestly, they probably should have to begin with.  We as a country are massively overeating, so why do we think that we’re screwing with our bodily functions by spending a few days eating like we should ?

Now as you go deeper into a diet, a re-feed might be useful, but there is no reason that it should be done with foods that are high in both dietary fat and sugar.  The longer you’ve been on the diet, and the leaner you are, the more freedom you have with your refeeds, but honestly, I think you should never plan a cheat.  If it happens, just chalk it up to human nature, but why open those flood gates?

Five good days of dieting can easily be undone with a weekend of crap.

#4 “I NEED that burger it was leg day today, and I needed that burger yesterday because it was chest day, and the one before that, because it was forearm day….”

Ok, I love a good burger as much as the next guy, and I can put them away at an alarmingly high rate, but let’s be honest. You don’t really need that drive through burger.  If you’re at a GOOD place that is well known for it burgers, sure have one, but let’s be real, it’s a cheat.  Unless you’re one of that stupid bastards who gets to eat fast food without having worry about getting fat, then don’t try to convince yourself that that burger your putting down is going to help your progress any more than your planned meal of steak and veggies.

#5 “This program doesn’t work, I better change to some RADICALLY different type of program”.

Three weeks on a program designed for specialized lat growth, then two weeks on a powerlifting program based on percentages, then a week and a half on a fat loss program with lots of high intensity interval sprints….

And no freaking progress to show for it.

The program isn’t nearly as important as people like to pretend it is, but having a clear goal, and busting your ass to reach it is.  You should know what you want to do over a three to four month period, be damn sure of it, and base all your training and diet choices on that goal.

And the greatest program in the world isn’t going to do a damn thing if you train like a pussy.

So be frank, are you putting your all into your training, are you making excuses why you aren’t making the progress you should be ?

Are you cheating yourself, have you made the progress you wanted since this time last year?

Do look pretty much the same as you did last summer?

Stop making excuses, do the work, and get the results you can be proud of.

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2 Responses to The Diet Starts Monday…

  1. Nick says:

    Your last point about sticking with training and not being a pussy is so true! I’ve been trying to gain muscle since graduating from high school but never stuck with a program, and I always seemed to have those days where I was, well, a pussy. All of this changed about 6 months ago when I almost flunked out of college. I realized that in order to do better in my academic life I need to do better in other parts of my life and decided to start to really focus on my weightlifting and dieting to kick start this change. After sticking to a diet and working my ass off with a simple training routine I am finally starting to see visible changes in my body that I am damned proud of, and my academics are coming around. As a 5th year senior I finally have a direction and the motivation to accomplish in school. Thank God for bodybuilding.

  2. Alan Hawkins says:

    I worked out hard for 2 years and missed only a few workouts in that time period. I was freakin gettin after it,serioulsly. Not tryin to brag but when i really want somethin I get after it. The only problem was was just tryin to eat healthy in my opinion was that i wasnt eating enough…i was was just tryin to eat healthyand watch me calories. Anyway i took a IM eatin like crazy. Iv noticed muscle gain. what im askin is how can i get stronger.I know about muscle confusion and having step up the weight ( I have the arnold Enclepedia of modern body buildind) shoul i focus on form, shoulders, legs… my weak points?! please reply and help me man

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