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Why must you lie to me? How many of you have followed a strict diet?  This can be a diet set with a goal of bulking or cutting.  How many of you have spent several days, weeks, or months painfully … Continue reading

My First Show: Part Three

(Parts I and II are available to read on  I suggest you read those parts beforehand or you will be lost while reading this part of my story.) As I left off in Part II, I was backstage watching … Continue reading

My First Show: Part 2

To summarize Part 1 (for those of you who don’t love me yet and didn’t read the first one), I had gotten back from spring break and my buddy talked me into doing a bodybuilding show with him eight weeks later.  I … Continue reading

Brotherhood Bio: Brandon Gerdes

What’s up, Brotherhood?  I’d like to take the time to write this article to introduce myself. My name is Brandon Gerdes, aka. Dirty Gerdy. I’m a member of the NPC (National Physique Committee) as a Bodybuilder and a member of … Continue reading

My First Show: Part 1

It was spring break, and I was partying my ass off down in Mexico.  After spending a week eating what I assumed to be cats and dogs, drinking cervezas, and chasing women, I came home feeling like complete shit.  I felt that the … Continue reading