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The Diet Starts Monday…

  (Ass and Side Boob?  I’m not even sorry it’s not related…) The excuses we all make, and why they’re completely F&#king up your progress. Human beings are tricky….. We have this incredible gift for telling ourselves what we want … Continue reading

Death by Kettlebell 2.0

Awhile ago I wrote an article about kettlebell training, since then I’ve spent hundreds of hours using them as part of my own training and with clients of every type imaginable.  It’s not the only thing you’ll ever need in … Continue reading

Getting Jack3d (Review)

              My apologies for the pun. It was just too easy. It seems like there is always some new piece of exercise equipment or supplement being put out there. Something that promises to be … Continue reading

Badass Fat loss for Women

If I could have the attention of the ladies for a few minutes.   If you wanna get serious about getting lean, it’s time to get off the treadmill and pick up a barbell. We’re coming up on the 20th … Continue reading

The Beach House Workout

You just spent the last eight to ten weeks making sure you were in the best shape of your life for your vacation this summer, how about a little damage control to make sure that you don’t look like complete … Continue reading

Country Strong

(I don’t know what this amazing ass has to do with anything, but it kept coming up in my search for the perfect picture.  There’s also some grass and a dirt road in the background.  Don’t bitch!) Not the crappy … Continue reading

Arnold Classic Expo 2011 Review(part 2)

Part 2 I talked about the pros and the supplements, but let’s see what kind of people I ran into at the Expo, including a few run-ins with the pros BAD and FREAKY- The EXPO crowd If someone could enlighten … Continue reading

Arnold Classic Expo 2011 Review(part 1)

Arnold Classic Expo 2011: The Good, the Bad, and Freaky. Part 1 It’s becoming the biggest weekend in bodybuilding, for four days all things fitness take over the city of Columbus Ohio.  Just imagine if they somehow were able to … Continue reading

Why Compete?

  Beat Somebody Put all that time in the weight room to use and find out what you’re made of. It feels good to win. In fact, I’d venture to say that there are few things that rank up there … Continue reading

This little meathead goes to market…

A few useful tips for the next time you go to market and a sample grocery list for the uneducated meathead just getting started Your mom isn’t going to do it for you anymore, so it’s time to learn what … Continue reading