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The Magic Muscle Building Amino: Leucine

(A late Christmas present for the eyes?  Yes!) Leucine is one of the three branched chain amino acids.  It is a building block of many of the proteins in the human body.  It is considered very hydrophobic(meaning it “fears” water), … Continue reading

A Long List of Shit Supplements.

Here is the article I promised the in Supplements & Your Hard Earned Dollar, it is all pretty straight forward, what you shouldn’t bother with and why. You likely won’t remember all of these off the top of your head … Continue reading

Brotherhood of Iron very proudly presents Metagenyx!

Brotherhood of Iron would like to present to the world Metagenyx. Metagenyx is a new and innovative company combining cutting edge research and real world feedback to bring you the most ruthlessly effective products available. Each product is formulated based … Continue reading

Metagenyx is proud to introduce Meta-Slin

Introducing Meta-Slin: a novel, ruthlessly effective way to burn fat and build muscle. Meta-Slin is Scientifically formulated for the most serious athletes, to take performance and body composition to new levels. Meta-Slin contains no stimulants, no creatine, does not need … Continue reading

Metagenyx is proud to release METASTIM

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s all in your mind”? Well, science resolutely agrees. Not just in an abstract philosophical sense, but in the real world. Your central nervous system can be trained and overtrained just like any muscle. … Continue reading