Metagenyx is proud to introduce Meta-Slin

Introducing Meta-Slin: a novel, ruthlessly effective way to burn fat and build muscle. Meta-Slin is Scientifically formulated for the most serious athletes, to take performance and body composition to new levels. Meta-Slin contains no stimulants, no creatine, does not need a PCT, does not need to be cycled, and does not have a deleterious effect on hormone levels.

In addition to being a powerhouse all on it’s own, Meta-Slin also enhances the effects of many other supplements and the food you eat.

So how can Meta-Slin cause rapid increases in strength, appearance and performance without the use of grey-area hormones or synthetic chemicals? It’s because Meta-Slin increases the production of, mimicks, and enhances the effects of the single most important hormone for your body composition (yes, more powerful than testosterone): insulin.

Insulin: The Master Metabolic Regulator

I’ve written on insulin and its effects in the body before, but here’s a little primer:

Insulin is a polypeptide hormone that is secreted from your pancreas by beta-cells in the islets of langerhans. It is secreted after eating, and its main purpose is to lower blood sugar. Once blood sugar is in the normal range the body stops pumping out insulin and blood levels drop back down to baseline. It is the heavy hitter when it comes to energy homeostasis and substrate metabolism.

Insulin can be thought of as the master anabolic hormone. It prevents muscle breakdown, causes muscle growth, shuttles carbohydrates into muscle tissue, and creates some amazing pumps in the gym. Not the cosmetic pumps you get from some pre-workout, these pumps are actually help change the way you look.

So, all these things sound pretty awesome, right? Right. How does insulin exert these effects in the body? Mainly by activating something called GLUT-4. We’ll get in to this more in a second, for now just remember the name.

Have you ever wondered why the bodybuilders of today are able to step on stage at 300 pounds and 4% bodyfat when Arnold competed at 235 pounds? The answer isn’t steroids, because all the old guys were on steroids too. The answer is insulin.

So why not just use insulin? Well, insulin is a prescription drug must be injected multiple times throughout the day, and it is extremely easy to kill yourself with if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a bit of a double edged sword, and no one wants to be impaled on their own double edge sword when they could use a gun.

Additionally, insulin prevents fat breakdown and promotes fat gain. Even fasting levels of insulin (like when you wake up in the morning) inhibit fat burning by about 50%.

So, we at metagenyx decided to develop a product that would deliver you the raw anabolic power of insulin without all of the fat-storing and swift death.

Insulin Sensitivity

You know that guy that stays lean no matter how much he eats? He is extremely insulin sensitive. Insulin sensitivity is simply how well your body responds to a given amount of insulin. If your muscles absorb a lot of sugar with just a little insulin, the the body doesn’t need to keep pumping it out, and it doesn’t hang around to make you fat. So the more insulin sensitive you are, the more insulin is pushed into muscle and away from fat!

When you consume large amounts of processed carbohydrates and simple sugars, as well as trans-fats, you get huge spikes in blood insulin levels. This happens because those foods cause huge spikes in blood sugar, and insulin has to bring the sugar down. If this is done every day, multiple times a day, as is the case with the average american diet, the receptors and signalling processes start to adapt to having multiple large spikes a day and your body starts to become insensitive to the effects of insulin. So the body has to release more insulin to get the same effect.

Repeat this process long enough and you get type II diabetes. Which comes with chronically elevated insulin levels, nerve pain, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc.

Insulin sensitivity is naturally increased by exercise and smart nutrition. Do you think it’s a coincidence that those two things also have dramatic effects on body composition?

Meta-Slin not only massively improves insulin sensitivity, it helps your body to produce a healthier, more controlled amount of insulin.


Glucose Transporter type 4 is a little transporter protein that sits on the membrane (outer wall) of both muscle and fat cells. It is the main way that nutrients get into the cell. Insulin causes the activation and translocation of GLUT-4, which then shuttles the nutrients from the outside of the cell to the inside. This happens in both fat and muscle cells.

Meta-Slin contains ingredients scientifically proven to increase GLUT-4 translocation independently of insulin, and produce a preferential increase in muscular GLUT-4 activation. This is exactly what we’re looking for, an increase in nutrient storage in muscle and not fat!

This puts you in a hyper-anabolic state while releasing only small amounts of insulin. This means you can enjoy the anabolic/ anti-catabolic benefits of insulin without getting fat. And since calories and carbs are being sucked up by your muscles like a dry sponge, they’re not going to fat, and you’re getting leaner while eating more!

Cherry on Top

L-Norvaline has been added to the formula to further increase nutrient delivery to working muscle, which the average lifter will know as a “pump”. L-Norvaline increases nitric oxide production like nothing else you have tried. The pump produced by the synergy of the ingredients in Meta-Slin will serve to jam nutrients into muscle (where it causes insane performance increases) So this is not just the kind of useless pump you might find with a generic mix of arginine, creatine and glycerol.


While Meta-Slin is a ahead of the pack all on its own, it laps the rest when you realize how versatile it can be. Meta-Slin actively makes many of the other supplements you take more effective. In fact, and this should come as no suprise to you, the shrewd reader, the entire Metagenyx supplement line is built to synergize. What is synergy?

If the effects of something are additive, like protein and glutamine, then 1+1=2

But if the effects are synergistic, then 1+1 = 3 or more

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, and that means you win.

Creatine, Branched Chain amino acids, and glutamine supplements will more effectively be delivered to muscle by the intense pumps, and creatine absorption has been shown to be increased significantly when insulin levels are elevated.

Most stimulant products will be significantly more potent while taken with Meta-Slin. Some of our beta-testers had to reduce their dose of Meta-Stim from two rapidcaps to one, and the effects were still stronger than they were before!

What does this mean to you? More results from less supplements, and a lot of money saved.


Finally, the area where Meta-Slin really comes into it’s own is in it’s uses. Unless you are trying to gain bodyfat fast, there is nothing that Meta-Slin isn’t ideal for! Here is the best way to utilize Meta-Slin in different scenarios:

Always: Take one capsule 15 minutes before your preworkout meal, which should contain at least 50 grams of carbohydrates, as well as 30-50 grams of quality protein.

Dieting / Lean Muscle Retention: Center your carbohydrate intake around workouts, add a capsule 15 minutes before your post workout meal, which should also contain at least 50 grams of carbohydrates.

Lean Gaining/ Recomposition: Continue to keep the bulk of your carb intake around your workout, your preworkout meal should be a little bit lighter, so that you aren’t lethargic during your workouts.Take 1 capsule of Meta-Slin 15 minutes before your post-workout meal, which should have at least 75 grams of carbohydrates. Take 1 additional capsule of Meta-Slin 15 minutes before your last meal of the night to optimize insulin and growth hormone levels while you sleep.

Meta-Slin Over View

  • Drives Nutrients into Muscle
  • Enhances blood flow and muscle pumps
  • Stimulates insulin release, Mimicks insulin and enhances insulin’s effect in the body
  • Reduces fasting levels of both glucose and insulin
  • Reduces the rise of glucose after meals
  • Increases fat loss and decreases fat gain
  • Inhibits the production of new fat cells
  • Regenerates and restores pancreatic beta cells
  • Supports healthy Cholesterol levels
  • Rapidly elevates nitric oxide
  • Lowers lipid liver content (a major indicator of heart disease)
  • Increases Adiponectin levels
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