The Magic Muscle Building Amino: Leucine

(A late Christmas present for the eyes?  Yes!) Leucine is one of the three branched chain amino acids.  It is a building block of many of the proteins in the human body.  It is considered very hydrophobic(meaning it “fears” water), … Continue reading

A Long List of Shit Supplements.

Here is the article I promised the in Supplements & Your Hard Earned Dollar, it is all pretty straight forward, what you shouldn’t bother with and why. You likely won’t remember all of these off the top of your head … Continue reading

Brotherhood of Iron very proudly presents Metagenyx!

Brotherhood of Iron would like to present to the world Metagenyx. Metagenyx is a new and innovative company combining cutting edge research and real world feedback to bring you the most ruthlessly effective products available. Each product is formulated based … Continue reading

Metagenyx is proud to introduce Meta-Slin

Introducing Meta-Slin: a novel, ruthlessly effective way to burn fat and build muscle. Meta-Slin is Scientifically formulated for the most serious athletes, to take performance and body composition to new levels. Meta-Slin contains no stimulants, no creatine, does not need … Continue reading

Metagenyx is proud to release METASTIM

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s all in your mind”? Well, science resolutely agrees. Not just in an abstract philosophical sense, but in the real world. Your central nervous system can be trained and overtrained just like any muscle. … Continue reading

The Diet Starts Monday…

  (Ass and Side Boob?  I’m not even sorry it’s not related…) The excuses we all make, and why they’re completely F&#king up your progress. Human beings are tricky….. We have this incredible gift for telling ourselves what we want … Continue reading

Supplements and Your Hard Earned Dollar

It went like this: I was writing an article about new supplements on the market and why they might be worth a shot when I realized, that sort of subject matter is most of what I’ve been writing. Now, there … Continue reading

Death by Kettlebell 2.0

Awhile ago I wrote an article about kettlebell training, since then I’ve spent hundreds of hours using them as part of my own training and with clients of every type imaginable.  It’s not the only thing you’ll ever need in … Continue reading

The Darkside Bulkers

(Note: There will be ZERO discussion about sources!) This article is about what sort of chemical intervention you can use to get huge. At the same time, I would like to stress that it will be solely your responsibility if … Continue reading

Everything you need to know about steroids.

(Note:  Picture not related?  Get over it!  You try scouring through hundreds of pictures of half naked muscular men looking for something even half related…) Steroids and weightlifting are inexorably bound. It is likely that when you see someone who … Continue reading

Getting Jack3d (Review)

              My apologies for the pun. It was just too easy. It seems like there is always some new piece of exercise equipment or supplement being put out there. Something that promises to be … Continue reading

The Proper Way to Crash Diet

Crash dieting is polarizing–you either love it or you hate it. I want to make it clear that we’re not going to have that discussion here. I’m assuming if you’re reading this that you are at least vaguely interested in … Continue reading

Designer Stimulants II

  (A different type of Stimulant…) Well, I personally thought designer stimulants was a little off topic and wasn’t planning on writing another, but the interest in it made me reconsider. I present to you now some burgeoning chemicals on the … Continue reading

From Lab Coats to Lat Spreads: Volume II

(Side boob!) Macronutrient series Protein: Call your mom and ask for more. Protein is the stereotypical meat-head’s go-to macronutrient.  Anyone who recognizes you are bigger and stronger than average will almost always make a protein joke. “MA, I need more … Continue reading


Why must you lie to me? How many of you have followed a strict diet?  This can be a diet set with a goal of bulking or cutting.  How many of you have spent several days, weeks, or months painfully … Continue reading

Badass Fat loss for Women

If I could have the attention of the ladies for a few minutes.   If you wanna get serious about getting lean, it’s time to get off the treadmill and pick up a barbell. We’re coming up on the 20th … Continue reading

T-shirt Design Contest!

The submissions are in.  Let the voting commence!  Vote here. Remember the winner will receive a 25lb bag of protein from and a free shirt.

Cutting Edge III

In this edition of Cutting Edge, we’re going to look at some fairly new and promising stuff and a combo that is severely overlooked in my opinion. In the quest for muscle you want to use anything you have at … Continue reading

The Beach House Workout

You just spent the last eight to ten weeks making sure you were in the best shape of your life for your vacation this summer, how about a little damage control to make sure that you don’t look like complete … Continue reading

Cutting Edge II

Welcome back. In this week’s article we’ll need less back story so we should be free to just jump right in to the good stuff. Tribulus Alatus– This product is reminiscent of Fadogia and Bulbine, it has one really promising … Continue reading

Three Last Minute Summer Fat-loss Tips!

(Unless you’re wearing a shirt made of 100 dollar bills…  She’s looking for the guy at the beach without a shirt on.) Summer is quickly approaching.  Are you as lean as you want to be?  My guess is no.  Use … Continue reading

Country Strong

(I don’t know what this amazing ass has to do with anything, but it kept coming up in my search for the perfect picture.  There’s also some grass and a dirt road in the background.  Don’t bitch!) Not the crappy … Continue reading

From Lab Coats to Lat Spreads: Volume I

Above: Yohimbine, Yohimbe tree. Science can help with your athletic performance, muscular size, and strength levels.  In these issues we will examine specific compounds/protocols and the studies behind them to help make them accessible to the average meathead. In this … Continue reading

Cutting Edge I

Before starting this article I feel like it’s necessary to give a bit of history about the supplement industry. The dietary supplement industry has been around, well, forever. Formally, it really started getting going in the 70’s with the Weider … Continue reading

Arnold Classic Expo 2011 Review(part 2)

Part 2 I talked about the pros and the supplements, but let’s see what kind of people I ran into at the Expo, including a few run-ins with the pros BAD and FREAKY- The EXPO crowd If someone could enlighten … Continue reading