Arnold Classic Expo 2011 Review(part 1)

Arnold Classic Expo 2011: The Good, the Bad, and Freaky. Part 1 It’s becoming the biggest weekend in bodybuilding, for four days all things fitness take over the city of Columbus Ohio.  Just imagine if they somehow were able to … Continue reading

Alternative Anabolism

Up until this point, pretty much all of my articles have focused on one means of muscle building: activation of the androgen receptor, specifically through steroids. But there are other drugs on the block, some of them may act synergistically … Continue reading

Why Compete?

  Beat Somebody Put all that time in the weight room to use and find out what you’re made of. It feels good to win. In fact, I’d venture to say that there are few things that rank up there … Continue reading

Bodybuilding Myths Busted!

The bodybuilding world is rife with misinformation.  Anywhere you go you can find people spouting out their personal (and unproven) opinions as though they were fact. This is not helped by the fact that almost no scientific research is done … Continue reading

This little meathead goes to market…

A few useful tips for the next time you go to market and a sample grocery list for the uneducated meathead just getting started Your mom isn’t going to do it for you anymore, so it’s time to learn what … Continue reading

Testosterone Supplements 101

So you’re working hard in they gym, you’re taking your creatine, and you’re eating like the apocalypse is nigh. But you still want to increase your gains. You want to know what else there is out on the market to … Continue reading

The Overhead Press.

The standing overhead press is demonstrated here.   Want to drastically change your physique, improve performance in other lifts, and be known as the bad ass of your gym?  Then its time to get serious about overhead lifting. Seems like … Continue reading

Carbs and Getting Lean 101

I felt like this article had to be written because the dead horse has just not been beaten enough. Every fitness minded person on the planet has their own opinion of what kind of carb content you should have in … Continue reading

The Importance of a Training Partner

I started going to the gym about 4 years ago. I had just started college, I was single, I wasn’t working, and I was bored. The first gym that I consistently attended was Gold’s in Bryan, Texas. Looking back, it … Continue reading

Interview with Benedikt Magnusson(World Record Deadlift Holder.)

Brotherhood of Iron proudly presents: An interview with a world record holder! I walk into Jakaból(loosely translates to Den of Giants) and my ears are immediately assaulted with the sounds of grunts, the clanging of plates and axles dropping down … Continue reading

5 things you’re probably screwing up in the gym.

Everybody makes mistakes in the gym.  The trick is to stick around long enough so that you figure out how to pull your head out of your ass and fix those mistakes.  So much of this game is trial and … Continue reading

Designer Stimulants

We live in a world a thousand times more complex than that of our ancestors. In Shakespeare’s time, there were one fifth the amount of words in the English language that there are today. In the age of the Plato … Continue reading

5 things you’re probably screwing up in the kitchen…

You can’t out-train dumb eating habits. You can do all the cardio you want, go through lactic acid workouts ‘till you vomit, and be on the perfect split, but if you’re still going home and raiding the fridge for 2000 … Continue reading

Why your girlfriend should lift…

I wanted to call this the “Anti-Pancake Ass” article, but somehow I felt like it wouldn’t help in my goal to reach out to the female population.  So print this out and, next time you head off to the gym, … Continue reading

10 Tips to Maximize Fat Loss

So you have decided you’re going to diet. Well, that’s depressing. I understand though. All but the most genetically gifted (hyperlink Brandon) among us have to buckle down and get motivated to get lean, or we remain soft and doughy. … Continue reading

My First Show: Part Three

(Parts I and II are available to read on  I suggest you read those parts beforehand or you will be lost while reading this part of my story.) As I left off in Part II, I was backstage watching … Continue reading

Jarrad’s Contest Prep Update #3

The first week of this fortnightly update went extremely well.  Weight just fell off me.  But once the Christmas season came around, the diet completely slipped for a week.  I became sick and realized that I won’t be able to do ‘normal’ … Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Heavy Lifting

It’s the question that everyone asks at some point.  It’s really the only question. “I want to gain muscle and lose fat.  What do I do?” While some members of the fitness of community have become jaded and believe this … Continue reading

Vegas Powerlifting Meet

This was my second Powerlifting meet to date.  In my first, I totaled 1471.5 lbs.  My main goal for this meet was to beat my last total, and I also wanted to shoot for a 1500+ lbs total while competing … Continue reading

Does Your Gym Suck?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve found myself traveling a lot on the weekends.  In fact, when I really think about it, I haven’t even been home for two weekends in a row since the end of the summer. … Continue reading

How I Added 100lbs to my Deadlift in 10 Weeks..

The Phillipi/Coan Deadlift Experience! When one surveys the great variety of deadlift programs, one program invariably pops up more often than any other.  Stories of incredible gains abound.  But beware, those stories are vastly outnumbered by tragic, unsung tales of … Continue reading

Bulking or Just Fat?

We, as a country, are getting fat…really fat.  According to a recent study that I just made up, in the year 2015, one in every three people will require the use of one of those Rascal scooters that you see … Continue reading

Jarrad’s Contest Prep Update #2

Jarrad’s Bi-Weekly Update #2 A lot of people ask what the point of this diet is.  It’s to prove to myself that I can push my body and mind to a level that I have never been to before.  I … Continue reading

Stop wasting your time in the gym: the powers of HIT…

It took me some time to decide what I wanted to write about.  Then I was approached by one of the kids I’ve seen in the gym every day, like clockwork, for as long as I can remember.  He’s a … Continue reading

Holiday Waistline Survival 101

A strategic plan to have a little fun this holiday season without having to buy new jeans come January 1st. It’s happened again. Another holiday gathering and you’re surrounded by all the foods that you avoid like the plague from … Continue reading